FOB 2017 – Save the Date!

Come for the maple syrup and stay for the beavers Babes! Come north to beautiful Vancouver for your favourite festival of the year! Eh! When: Labour Gay weekend in September, Sept 1-4, 2017. Party Locations: To Be Announced. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mayhem will all take place within stumbling distance of downtown Vancouver. Host Hotels: We[…]

a fancy hotel...

2016 Host Hotels

Seattle-ites don’t see a lot of sun throughout the year, so when it shines we know how to make the most of it. September 2-5, 2016 (Gaybor Day Weekend) Seattle is hosting many events not just FOB. We suggest making hotel reservations ASAP. Our recommendations come in a few flavors, see below for details.  […]

FOB is recruiting volunteers for FOB Squad 2016.

Call for 2016 FOB Squad

Job description: This position reports directly to the person above them. MUST be OK with unprovoked sexual harassment from your superiors. MUST work for peanuts (and beer). Sample questions that will be asked during the interview: What nationality are you? Are you a homosexual or have recently experience homosexual thoughts? Are you currently pregnant? What[…]