FOB 2017 - Beautiful Vancouver
September 1-4 Labour Gay weekend

What is FOB?

Festival of the Babes is a women's soccer tournament for lesbians, and those willing to be mistaken for one.

FOB was founded by a women’s soccer team that was compelled to create a tournament like this after attending the Gay Games in Vancouver, B.C., and the Seattle Sports Festival.

Now we’re in our 26th year of costume-clad soccer mayhem and may we just say that we look damn good for our age!

Each year, veterans and new teams alike join in the fun, (re)learning what it is to be FOB-ly, making friends (and making out) — occasionally all at the same time.

The festival registers up to 24 teams that bring approximately 300 players, and draws host-city community and fans galore. Games are small-sided (7 v 7) with full-sized goals (for extra scoring) and referees who oversee every game. Parties are held nightly to bring us all just a little bit closer. Trust us, it’s worth a visit.

Although primarily lesbian players make up the teams, the tournament is open not only to lesbians, but to anyone who does not mind being mistaken for one.

  • What is FOB Like?

    We get this question a lot, and honestly, it's hard to explain because FOB is unlike anything you've ever experienced. It's...

  • Soccer by Day

    24 teams, 3 divisions of play with varying degrees of loose rules (players), and costumes.

  • Party by Night

    Parties are hosted nightly to bring us all just a little bit…closer.

  • 100% FOBLY

    One thing unites us all, and that’s a welcoming and joyful spirit. All are welcome to be how and who you want to be!


Early bird registration will be opening in May!

FOB Updates

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Fields, Parties & Lodging

As always your friendly FOB Squad is hard at work putting together a weekend full of fun, sun (fingers-crossed), frolicking, dubious decision making. And maybe some soccer. Check out the info below to learn more and feel free to contact us with any and all questions, comments and concerns! We're here for you - open hands ready to embrace your questions and whatever else you feel like offering up...

To Be Announced. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mayhem will all take place within stumbling distance of downtown Vancouver.


We are negotiating on your behalf to get some sweet deals. Check back soon for updates and target hotels.

2017 Field Location

We are ironing out the final details on our field location will update you soon!

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