March 3, 2016


If you’re not a soccer player, and don’t want to try— then this is the place for you to still get in on the action of FOB. We are a volunteer-run tournament, and we need your help to keep it going! Are you a FOB player who wants to do a little extra? You can also sign up! Shifts are very short and won’t detract from your overall FOB experience. Plus, volunteers get the same full and free access to events that FOB players get!!

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Referee: No actual ref-ing skills or experience required. Can you wield a whistle and be a Boss of a Good Time? Then you can be a ref at FOB.

Clean Up: Don’t you remember the clean-up song from when you were young? We’re hosting this event at a public park, and could use some folks willing to help with keeping things neat and under control.

Set Up: Are you an early riser? Are you somebody who likes to get up early or maybe someone who never goes to sleep? Help to set up the fields in the morning with nets and other requirements to get the day going.

Herd Cats: Not sure what you want to do but pretty sure you can help? Sign up for cat herding and we’ll have you help with a little bit of everything.