April 22, 2016


About Festival of the Babes

I have never played soccer before, can I still play at FOB?

Yes! FOB has 2-3 divisions (to suit your skill/party level) and new players are always welcomed with open arms (sometimes more). If you want to attend and really don’t want to play the field, you can always buy the Party Pass and play the game from the sidelines.

Is FOB Trans-friendly?

YES! We do not discriminate by race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age. Festival of the Babes was initially established as a women’s soccer tournament for lesbians, and what has developed over the last 29 years is a beautiful community of like-minded people who love soccer, and having fun. FOB is a women’s soccer tournament for lesbians…or anyone willing to be mistaken for one.

Weekend of the Event

Is there a host hotel I should stay at?

Yes, visit the Hotel page for more information.

Where are the parties are each night?

Check out our Locations info.

Can I bring alcohol to the field?

“Seattle City law prohibits alcohol in city parks. The only exceptions are for special events approved by the Superintendent”.

Will there be food available at the field?

Please plan to bring snacks and refreshments for yourself and you team.

Are children allowed at the event?

Yes, but to participate in the event you must be 21 or over.

Are dogs allowed at the field?

Yes, fur babies are welcome at FOB, please obey Seattle Scoop & Leash laws.

Can I buy Party Passes at the door?

No Party Passes will be sold at the door. Please, please, please help FOB Squad keep their sanity this weekend! Many of us are running the events you attend and don’t have the women-power to staff a door, collect, cash, etc. Besides, being that kind of bad cop isn’t much fun!


What happens if I register and can only get 10 players?

This year we made it possible for players on teams to pay individually so captains didn’t have to pay the whole fee up front. The per person price that players pay is based on a 12 person roster. If you don’t have a full roster the unpaid balance will need to be paid before the event. As team captain the remaining balance would be your responsibility.

How many teams are in the tournament?

A maximum of 24 teams can register for the tournament.

How many people per team?

The games are 7 v 7, and you can have a roster of up to 12 players.

When does registration end?

The Early Bird Registration Discount ends 7/1/2016. Assuming the event has not sold out (which usually happens) Final Registration ends 8/26/16.

Do I have to be 21 to buy a ticket?

Yes. FOB is a 21 and over event, you can purchase a ticket as long as you are 21 on or before 8/30/19.